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Political Science
CAS PO 111
Graham Wilson

PO 111:SOCIAL& ECONOMIC POLICY 1 New Focus: Policy not institutions Social Policy: Some general points:  Different types of policy have different types of politics, Lowi distributive, redistributive, regulatory typology.  Politics creates policy but policy creates politics  Inheritance before choice AARP: American Association of retired people Government, health care and wealthfare  1. American exceptionalism makes us think welfare will be low-individualism  2. Welfare comes in different types, insurance versus targeted, different politics.  Gvt needs to do more work help needy.  Poor people too dependent on gvt.  Government has mixed attitudes on welfare Currently….  Effects with Obamacare  Loss of party identification  What is going on in politics? Why isn’t the US socialist?  Hard to have third party succeed  Too diverse  Country composed on immigrants and their descendants  America identifies on race and religion  Strong resistance  Prosperity – everyone who comes to the US came from a poorer home/ background. Obama’s Ratings are down:  Because ofACA(Obamacare)  Can’t get Supreme Court Ruling - Can’t get through Republican Filibuster Economic Policy: Economic Policy: Refers to the actions that governments take in the economic field.  Types of economic policy o Micro and macro Micro: Small details: Supply and Demand Macro: Government as a whole • Keynesian: Simple model C+l+G, The multiplier o Atheory stating that the government can stabilize the economy – smooth business cycles by controlling t
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