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Psychological & Brain Sciences
CAS PS 101
Barry Grant

Study GuideFriday September 28 2012852 AMThe Evolution of PsychologyPsychologystudy of the mindBehaviorcomplex traitsinfluenced by biology psychologyenvironmentLevels of Psychology in depression Molecular genetics variation in genesNeurochemical different levels of neurotransmitters serotoninNeurological difference among people in brain structures related to mood HPAaxis controls mood disordersMental thoughts ability to think suicidal ideationBehavioral behavior withdrawal from others loss in energySocial relationships lack of social supportFive Goals describe understand predict influence and applyPeopleWilhelm WundtFather of psychology1st experimental psychology lab in the world GermanyMade it an independent disciplineEdward TitchenerStructuralismpsychology should analyze consciousness structures functionalismWilliam JamesFunctionalismpurpose of consciousnessInvestigated streamflow of consciousnessWrote Principles of PsychologyG Stanley Hall1st psych research lab in America Johns HopkinsFounded American Journal of PsychologyFormed American Psychology Association 1st president of APAMary Whiton Calkins1st female president of APAMargaret Floy Washburn2nd female president of APA1st woman to earn a PhD in psychologyThe Animal MindLeta Stetter HollingworthAdolescent children mental retardationCoined gifted childrenTheoretical PerspectivesBehavioral1Subject Mattereffects of environment on the overt behavior of humans and animals Basic Premise only observable events stimulusresponse relations can be studied scientificallyJohn B WatsonFounder of behaviorismDownplayed the importance of heredityIvan Pavlov Exam 1 Page 1
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