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Boston University
Psychological & Brain Sciences
CAS PS 101
Tracy Dunne

Chapter 1 The Science of Psychology 1.1 Define psychology and indicate what kind of behaviors it incorporates. 1.2 Define critical thinking and describe types of questions involved in critical thinking. 1.3 Differentiate basic and applied research 1.4 List and describe the five goals of scientific research in psychology. 1.5 Describe the goals of structuralism and functionalism and identify researchers from each school 1.6 Describe the psychodynamic perspective, highlighting Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. 1.7 Describe the behavioral perspective, highlighting the work of Pavlov, Thorndike, Watson, and Skinner. 1.8 Describe the humanistic perspective, highlighting the work of Maslow and Rogers. 1.9 Describe the cognitive perspective, including Gestalt psychology and cognitive neuroscience 1.10 Describe the sociocultural perspective and define culture, norms, and socialization. 1.11 Describe the biological perspective, highlighting research in behavioral neurosciences, behavioral genetics, and evolutionary psychology. 1.12 Contrast evolutionary and sociocultural perspectives in explaining behavioral phenomena. 1.13 Differentiate the six psychological perspectives in explaining behavior: behavioral, biological, cognitive, humanistic, psychodynamic, and sociocultural. Chapter 4 3.1 Describe the structure and function of neurons and glial cells. 3.2 Define myelin and describe how it affects neural transmission. 3.3 Describe the roles of neurotransmitters, the synapse, and receptor sites in nervous system activity. 3.4 Describe how neurotransmitters have excitatory or inhibitory effects on neural transmission. 3.5 Describe the primary functions of acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins and disorders associated with their malfunctioning. 3.6 List and describe the three major types of neurons. 3.7 Differentiate between the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, and describe the two divisions of the peripheral nervous system and their functions. 3.8 Name the two divisions of the autonomic nervous system and describe their
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