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Boston University
Psychological & Brain Sciences
CAS PS 101
Tracy Dunne

Chapter 6 States of ConsciousnessConsciousness Our momenttomoment awareness of ourselves and our environmentSubjectivePrivate Other people cannot determine what reality if for you and you cannot directly enter into their conscious experiencesSelf Reflective your mind is aware of its own consciousness so no matter what you consciously experience your mind and self is aware of itDynamic we typically experience consciousness as a flow of mental activities because we drift through various states of consciousness daily instead of experiencing singular disjointed perceptions and thoughtsLinked to Attentionyour consciousness reflects what you are selectively spending your attention onMeasures of ConsciousnessSelfReportAsks people to describe what their inner experiences are but the reports are not always verifiable or obtainable Physiological Measures The correspondence between your biological processes and your consciousnessmental states you can measure brainwaves to reflect neuroactivity which then reflects your mental states if you are alert relaxed asleepvery objectivenot subjectiveBehavioral Measures record performance on special tasks and that the brain processes information FreudConsciousthoughts and perceptions of which we are currently awarePreconsciousmental events that occur outside of consciousness but can be easily recalledUnconsciousEvents that cannot be brought into the consciousness under normal circumstanceseg repressed sexual aggressive urgesSleepDriven by circadian rhythms5 stages every 90 minutesBeta WavesAwake alertand conscious Alpha WavesRelaxed drowsy and consciousStage 1BrainwavesTheta Waves Characteristics Light sleep easily wake up only a few minutes long dreams vivid images sudden body jerks
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