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Final Exam Study Guide Chapter 10- Interpersonal Attraction • Familiarity- crucial concept in attraction. o Research participants rate faces- prefer those that resemble their own. • Factors that contribute to attraction o Propinquity- people we see frequently become familiar through constant exposure. o Similarity- people similar to us will seem familiar. o Reciprocity- people who like each other get to know and become familiar with each other. • Propinquity- Westgate Study by Festinger, Schachter, and Back (1950) o Tracked friendship formation among couples in various apartment buildings. o Residents assigned at random and most were strangers. o Participants asked to name three closest friends in entire housing project.  65% reported those who lived in the same building.  41% considered their neighbor.  22% reported those who lived two doors down.  10% considered those who lived down the hallway. • Propinquity- Core Concepts o Functional Distance- certain aspects of architectural design that make it more likely that some people will come in contact with each other more often than with others. o Mere Exposure Effect- being exposed to a person affects our liking for them since the more we see the person, even though there is no communication, the more familiar they become and thus the more we like them. o Long- Distance Propinquity- strangers who meet over internet more attracted to each other than face-to-face.  Online meetings determined by quality of conversation.  Face-to-face meetings determined by physical attractiveness. • Similarity- needed to fuel growing friendship or romantic relationship. o Two types of situations in which relationships begin:  Closed-field situations- people forced to interact with each other (eg- work, school).  Open-field situations- people free to interact or not as they choose. o Categories of similarities:  Intelligence level  Social class  Religious beliefs  Attractiveness  Ethnicity  Personalities o Personality- study with gay men:  More stereotypical male traits- interested in men who were logical.  More stereotypical female traits- interested in men who were
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