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Psychological & Brain Sciences
CAS PS 371
David Shim

Name that Symptom! 1. 200 a. The aliens from Planet Shimster are putting thoughts of abnormal psychology in my brain. What type of delusion is this? i. Bizarre (thought insertion) 2. 400 a. Negative symptoms doesn’t mean that they are the only bad symptoms of schizophrenia (positive ones are pretty bad too)—but name me 3 of the 5 negative symptoms. i. Negative (meaning lack of something that should be there) 1. Alogia (poverty/lack of speech) 2. Asociality 3. Anhedonia (lack of interest or pleasure in things they used to enjoy) 4. Avolition (lack of motivation) 5. Emotional unresponsiveness (flat affect) ii. Positive (meaning something there that shouldn’t be…an addition) 1. Delusions 2. Hallucinations iii. Negative symptoms usually occur in prodromal and residual phases 1. Sometimes indicators of bad prognosis (outlook) 3. 600 a. Oh no! The CIAis coming after me because they’ve been tapping my TV and know it’s full of the Real Housewives (who are obviously terrorists) and I hear voices telling me to smash the TV to pieces. What two symptoms am I experiencing? Define them. i. Delusion (CIAcoming after me) 1. False belief, disturbances in thought ii. Hallucination (hearing voices) 1. False sensory experiences (in one of the five senses) a. Auditory are most common, visual second most common 4. 800 a. I love to watch TV. When the Walking Dead is on the TV, I get scared by the zombies. There was the kid on youtube dressed as a zombie who liked turtles. Turtles can live to be 100. My grandma was 100. I would love to have $100. This is an example of what type of core symptom of schizophrenia? i. Disorganized speech (specifically loose associations—each statement makes sense on its own but not when put together) 1. Disorganized speech is newly included (in DSM-5) as one of three core issues (along with delusions and hallucinations) ii. Other types of disorganized speech 1. Tangentiality: jumping from one thought to another (not really connected) 2. Word salad: saying sentences that have real words but are incoherent 3. Neologism: made up word that they know the meaning of but no one else does 5. 1000 a. It was 3:45pm on a Friday andAllen was in psych class. His stupor and rigid posture weren’t just because he was bored in class and looking forward to a PBR at happy hour— he actually had this type of abnormal motor behavior, a decrease in reactivity to the environment. i. catatonia Diagnosis Psychosis 1. 200 a. Change is good. Name two changes in the diagnosis of schizophrenia from DSM IV to DSM 5. i. No more subtypes 1. Used to be: paranoid, catatonic, disorganized, undifferentiated, residual ii. CriterionA: need to have 1 of 3 core issues (and 2 symptoms total for 6 months) 1. Core issues: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech iii. Symptom severity gets rated iv. Dimensional model: integrates schizotypal PD 1. Organized from lesser to more severe 2. 400 a. fMRI (neuroimaging) studies don’t just give us pretty pics of the brain…they also tell us some important stuff. What do these studies say about auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia? i. May actually be their own self-talk that they are mistaking for an outside voice 3. 600 a. Time matters! Name the durations of brief psychotic disorder, schizophreniform, and schizophrenia. i. Brief psychotic disorder: 1 day to 1 month ii. Schizophreniform: 1 month to 6 months iii. Schizophrenia: greater than 6 months (1 month of active symptoms— hallucinations/delusions) 4. 800 a. Brad Pitt believes thatAngelina Jolie is cheating on him while she’s on her movie set. He has been believing this for about 2 months, but has been able to maintain relatively good functioning besides this one false belief. What would you diagnose him with? i. Delusional disorder 1. Jealous type of delusion (more common in males), others are even in males and females ii. Other delusions 1. Erotomanic: believe another person is in love with you 2. Grandiose: believe have exceptional abilities, wealth or fame 3. Persecutory (most common): believe that someone is out to get you 4. Somatic: preoccupation regarding health and organ functioning 5. Mixed: no one delusion is dominant but it is a combination of many of the above 6. Unspecified: theme cannot be determined 5. 1000 a. Edward is a little odd. He has a peculiar appearance and carries around a stuffed dolphin that he makes talk to people (who he believes has some magical abilities). He doesn’t have very many friends and sometimes yells in inappropriate situations. He also is suspicious of people, thinking they are out to steal his magical dolphin. What would you diagnose Edward with? i. Schizotypal personality disorder ii. Specifier: premorbid 1. This is if they are later diagnosed with schizophrenia—we would see these as warning signs leading up to the full-blown diagnosis of schizophrenia (only small percentage go onto develop schizophrenia) Bipolar Bears 1. 200 a. What came first—Bipolar I or Bipolar II? Which one of these has the earlier onset? i. BP I (BP II—need hypomania AND depressive episode so it takes longer to have both) 1. BPII almost always starts with depressive episode and then rediagnosed when hypomania experienced 2. 400 a. Amy showed signs of a depressive episode—hopelessness, depressed mood, fatigue, insomnia, and loss of interest in social relationships—so she was put on an antidepressant. Then she began feeling good---like really good---like she built a boat in the middle of the night good—what happened here? i. Sometimes antidepressants without mood stabilizers can kick in mania…gotta be careful! 3. 600 a. Two truths and a lie time: You only need a manic episode to qualify for Bipolar I. I had a pet butterfly named Fluffy. Bipolar II is a milder condition than Bipolar I. i. Lie: Bipolar II is a milder condition than Bipolar I. 1. This used to be thought as true in DSM-IV, but new recognition that these individuals spend a lot of time in depressed mood and results in impairments in functioning. 4. 800 a. Over the past two years, Louis has had episodes of an elevated mood with increase in goal-directed activity and increased self-esteem. He has also had times when he has felt depressed, lost interest in his usual activities, and has experienced extreme fatigue. There has never been a two-month period when he hasn’t been feeling at least one of these extremes in moods. What would you diagnose Louis with? i. Cyclothymia 1. Needs to be present for 2 years in adults (1 year in kids) without a 2 month break 2. Can’t meet full criteria for depression or hypomania 5. 1000 a. I feel good! If I am in a manic episode,
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