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COMPLETE Social Sciences I: Introduction to Historical Sociology and the Social Sciences Notes - I got a 90% on the final exam!

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Social Sciences
CGS SS 101
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-b/c stalin’s rivalry with hitler, USSr aided Spanish gov. though stalin as always had own agenda -france, Britain, and US decided to pretend that germans and Italians were not involved on side of rebels-> non intervention commmitte estbalsihed in londong to prevent shipment of arms to either side in spain- also germanya nd intaly accepted invitatinos to join this committee and pledged neutrality while continuing to fight for Spanish rebels -for US, since neutrality acts did not apply to civil wars, some americna companies attempted to sell arms to Spanishgov. – so early 1937, president Roosevelt asked for and received from congress new law forbidding arm sales to either side in Spanish civl war -minnesotae rep who charged this law would aid fascist in “open rape of spain”, was only person in congress to vote against bill -with uS, rbtiatin and france burying heads in sand, Spanish gov. doomed to defeat- succumbing to fasicsts in spring 1939 -Late 1937, president Roosevelt gave hint of coming change in us foreing policy whne declared, “the peace, freedom, and security of population of 90% of world is being compromised by 10% of world”- but no real change in policy 1938, while hitler continued enormous military buildup and violent aggression, and france and Britain clung depsrately to false hope of appeasement, US still stood on sidelines, as isolatinonists -when hitler demanded transfer to Germany of strategic area of Czech, british prime iinster nevill chamberlin, leader of appeasement, wen to munich germnay to meet with Hitler CHamberling agreed to transfer, then shoved it down throat of Czech gov. In return for chamberlin services, hitler promised to never seek additional territory in Europe Two word telegram that roosevel sent to chamberlin “good man”(sad) 6 months later marchn 1939- collapse of appeasemtn exposed -in vilation of munich agreement, hitler ordered to seize rest of Czech rapidly -britain and france, issued pledge to defend Poland If Germany attack. August, Stalin and hitler stunned world with Nazi- Soviet Non Aggression Pact -sept 1 1939, Germany invaded Poland, france and Britain responded with war on germahy-> WWII began Desirign to support Britain and frnace, Roosevelt immediate response to outbreak of war, was to renew his call on repeal of arms embargo- Successufl this time and in NOV. 1939, uS arm sales to countries at war became legal on a cash and carry basis -Repeal ofArms embargo- Crucial turning point 1940 rd -Presidnetial election year- president Roosevelt seek a 3 term -recognizing continuing political potenecy of isolationism, Roosevelt moved cautiously to contribute to fight against hitler -roosevelt misleading us citizens on security -Americna public opinion shifted when Germany conquered france in just 6 weeks in spring 1940 -shocking, enabling more americnas to begin to grasp dier threat that nazi Germany posed to US security -Good indication of this shift in public opinion is in January 1940 before france appeared tob e in danger, Congress resisted annual defense appropraitino of 2 billino$, where in sept after france collapsed,c ongres agreed to approaptino of 10.5 Bil $. Trade; “Destoyers for Bases Deal”- beneifcila to Britain When Winston Churchill- britian prime minster- asked Roosevelt to give Britain 50 old americna warships, president finally agreed to trade destroyers, for US access to naval access of airbases of british possessions -Trade allowed Roosevelt ot continue to declare publically that he was not taking sides in war, but just taking action to enhance US security -
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