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Boston University
CAS SO 100
Eliana Stratico

Sociology Final Review Sexuality & Gender • Sexuality – preference, who we are sexually drawn to; debatable that it is a social construction • Gender – social position, achieved status (we “do gender”, we embodied it); it is who we identify as (as us and our relationship to society) o Show our gender by:  Clothes we wear; what bathroom we use; how we interact with the opposite gender; how we walk, sit, etc. o It is a habitus – • Some people can easily fit into a gender, while others cannot o Intersex Medicalization • Taking formal normal physical states and turning them into a medical illness or disease o ADD/ADHD – as of 20 years ago it has been labeled as a disease although the condition may have always existed it was not seen in medical terms • Be able to discuss what are the negative effects of medicalization o Marginalizes the people who now have the disease when before they were seen as “regular people” o New diseases are overwhelming marketed to poor minorities and women  Campaigns that are made for areas that we consider “ghettos” o Higher cost of health care  Convinced that these socially constructed diseases deserve very expensive treatment o Less focus on diseases that are life threatening and more serious o Giving healthy people drugs  Can cause actually diseases (both physically and mentally) • Becoming addicted to pills, the side effects of the drugs • Can produce the feeling of socially inadequacy, depression, anxiety, etc. o Creating social closure  Limit to access of resources Globalization • Five steps of McDonaldization (Ritzer) – all interconnected, look at them holistically (be able to apply it to some aspect of life) o Education, shopping/clothes, etc. 1) Efficiency – produced very quickly 2) Predictability – same in every country 3) Calculability – quantity over quality; spending less and getting more for your money (supersizing) 4) control over uncertainty – every aspect is take into consideration, lack of variation–same size, same texture, same flavor 5) non-human technology – decreased need for human labor (machinery) Sociology Final Review • Weber claimed that the modern world has become rationalized o before most people where hyper religious o protestant reformation changed this for the west  the protestant work ethic made them focus on their life here on earth and cherish the work they do  Doctrine of Predestination – how you live your life here on earth will bring yourself
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