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Boston University
CAS SO 100
Ashley Mears

Elinas Study Guide General Overview Directions Feel confident you are studying elementary sociology and its no big deal As the final exam is cumulative begin studying by reviewing study guides sent for the Midterm Then continue as follows with special attention to the material reviewed todaySociology involves the study of social constructions Every major topic covered in class is a social construction These include race gender sexuality deviance and medical illness Hence all aspects of identity are socially constructedGender Gender is a construct and identity of social definitions of masculinity and femininity Gender requires constant maintenanceperformance of secondary sex characteristics social traits ie hair shaving makeup posturing speech activities hence doing gender We hold each other accountable to maintain gender GENDER IS AN ACHIEVED STATUS BY EMBODYING GENDER VIS A VIS OUR BEHAVIOR WE ACHIEVE THE STATUS OF OUR CHOSEN GENDER Questions to ponder How do you do gender Gender of Parents and Child Development Outcomes The gender of parents appears to be unimportant in assuring healthy child development However research shows that 1 Lesbians are more likely to equally share parenting responsibilities 2 Lesbian parents are more likely to divorce due to belief in egalitarianism 3 Children raised by two mothers are less likely to be gender conforming and more likely to achieve gender flexibility However in positing the stated claims there are methodological problems of causality due to unobserved variables such as the cultural context of homophobic society as well as the problem of determining causality versus correlation due to a conflation of variables Five parental variables are routinely conflated by those who claim that children need both a mother and a father in order to thrivenumber gender sexual identity marital status and biogenetic relationship to children Question to ponder What are historical and crosscultural examples of nonnuclearnontraditional families Examples include gay families Na in China and multigenerational Soviet families 1
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