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Final Exam Study Guide-Socialization & Deviance.pdf

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Boston University
CAS SO 100
Ashley Mears

SOCIALIZATION Lifelong process of how we become who we are how we acquire and disseminate social norms for participating in society means of social and cultural continuity healthy socialization functioning sense of self social is integral to our identity hence in order to complete the process of identity development we need to accomplish a functioning social self As the example of Genie the Wild Child demonstrates humans need social interactions to develop proper brain functioning cognitive capacity language ability etc Without social interaction humans do not complete proper development as the examples of feral children and neglected children raised in orphanages demonstrateWe develop our identity partially via the following processes of interaction Concept 1 Generalized other develops from 45 years old the sense of an other a sense of societys relation to me expectations and anticipated response empathy consideration of other people internalized sense of total expectations in a variety of settings Pathology example Aspergers
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