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COMPLETE Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Notes: Part 4 [got 4.0 in the course]

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CAS SO 207
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01/18/14 NOTES: Race and Ethnicity; pg 101-104 (4 edition); pg 168-171 (5 edition) THE CONTACT SITUATION • Conditions under which groups first come into contact determine immediate fate of the minority group and shape intergroup relations for years to come. The Noel Hypothesis: • Noel Hypothesis: Noel identifies 3 features of contact situation that lead to inequality between groups: o If two or more groups come together in a contact situation characterized by ethnocentrism, competition, and a differential in power, then some form of racial or ethnic stratification will result. • Ethnocentrism=tendency to judge other groups by one’s standards of one’s own culture; can lead to viewing other societies as inferior to one’s own (“us” and “them”) • Competition=struggle over a scarce commodity. Leads to prejudice (harsh, negative feelings) and hostile actions (discrimination) • Differential in power=ability of a group to achieve its goals even in the face of opposition from other groups. Power depends on three factors: o Size of the group (larger groups more powerful) o Degree of organization, discipline, and quality of group leadership o Resources • Larger, better-organized group with more resources is likely to have more power than the other. The Blauner Hypothesis: • Blauner identifies two different initial relationships—colonization and immigration—and hypothesizes that:
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