ARBC 106b Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Simon Bradstreet, Anne Bradstreet, Puritans

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21 Dec 2019
Your first passage reading of approximately 300-500 words.. You must write on one of the three passages
listed below. This is more of a skill exercise than a test of knowledge; I expect you will get better at close
reading, and will weigh the grades of the later assignments more heavily if you improve.
1. John Winthrop, A Model of Christian Charity, page 176, second full paragraph (“Now the only way to
You might address: the importance of the group (is it more important than individual desires?); how
important to the whole world Winthrop feels his group is; the immediate, direct, personal relation he
expects God to maintain with the group.
2. Anne Bradstreet “On My Dear Grandchild Simon Bradstreet, Who Died on 16 November, 1669, Being
but a Month, and One Day Old,” page 231
You might address: the poem’s complex attitude to loss (it’s God’s will, but still a painful loss); the
importance of the gender of the author, if any (does her being a woman matter to the poem’s meaning or
effect on us?); the relation of the poem’s form to the poem’s meaning
3. Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography [Part Two], page 540, first paragraph from “For something that
pretended to be Reason…” to the end of the paragraph.
You might address: why “pretended to be Reason”? Just what is he admitting about himself (and what
might he be not admitting)? How does he expect you will react to this admission? Why does he think
imperfection may be better? What does he think justifies imperfection? How serious is he here? Can he be
both humorous and intend to make a serious point? How?
My Assignment Report(First Passage John Winthrop)
John Winthrop’s A Model of Christian Charity by way must be understood in context. It became a
sermon delivered by Winthrop, the future governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, to his fellow
Puritans at the manner was to Massachusetts.
At the same time as no longer a legal document, it essentially lays out the norms and societal expectations
that have been to manipulate the people of the colony, and as such serves as a superb primary supply for
the beliefs of its founders. There may be a heavy emphasis on charity and especially community, as
Winthrop enjoins his listeners to make sure that, inside the new society they were striving to create, "each
guy may have want of others, and from for this reason they might be all knit extra nearly collectively in
the bonds of brotherly affection." The colony was to be a Christian commonwealth, organically united,
Winthrop hoped, in Christian love, which he in comparison to "ligaments." which will make this show up,
every member of the colony had to be inclined to subsume his or her private hobbies (which were
nevertheless essential) to the public precise. Winthrop noted a covenant between the Puritans and God,
and if the colonists lived as much as their give up of this settlement, they would no longer fail to attain
The most important part of this sermon is at the end, while Winthrop urges his fans to apprehend that they
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