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HIST 80B Final: China Final Review

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James Heyward

China Final Review Zhou Enlai Zhou Enlai came from an elite background with a Confucian education and European education in the 1920s. When he returned to China he became a member of the CCP under Mao. As a founding father of the PRC, he was a key figure in diplomatic areas and survived the Cultural Revolution, which had been designed to remove “old thought” such as Confucianism. Whampoa Military Academy During the Self-Strengthening Movement, a western-style military academy was established. Sun Yat-sen and the Comintern established the Whampoa Military Academy to replace the former Academy. Sun sought an alliance with the Nationalists and Communists, which after his death Jiang sought to destroy. Mao Zedong Mao Zedong received an education in Beijing and came from a somewhat wealthy peasant background. He became a founder of the CCP. His dogma of Marx's Communist Manifesto different from traditional Marxism by arguing that the peasants could be turned into a revolutionary class. The Soviets opposed this view and sought to suppress the idea in the 1920s. During the warlord era, he gained influence in southern China and attempted to turn the peasants into revolutionaries by executing their landlords. The Soviets took over the region but failed and lost the territory to the nati
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