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HIST 80B Final: Korea Final Review

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James Heyward

Korea Final Review King Gojong In the 1860s, Korea had a shift in the bloodline that resulted in King Gojong entering power. The new young King's father, Heungseon Daewongun, became Regent and was blamed by historians for Korea’s closed and relatively less modern state. Queen Min succeeded Gojong’s father in a position similar to Regent. She was viewed as smart and influential along with being anti-Japanese. She installed the coup that removed Heungseon from power. China and Japan agreed in the Li – Ito Treaty that they would both demilitarized in Korea following Japanese attempts to control Korea, along with the agreement that they would notify each other if they sent troops in the future. Donghak Movement/Rebellion The Donghak Movement was initially an intellectual movement against Japanese encroachment in Korea that evolved into a peasant rebellion, the Donghak Rebellion. The Rebellion concerned King Gojong who asked the Japanese and Chinese for aid in suppressing the Rebellion. The Chinese sent few troops while the Japanese used this as an excuse for invasion which resulted in the Sino-Japanese war for control over Korea. The result of the war was the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which forced Korea to sever its ties from China. King Gojong was forced by the Japanese to declare himself Emperor, thereby severing ties with China. Queen Min w
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