PSYC 242 Midterm: Study Guide - Test 3

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Bridgewater State University
PSYC 242
Jonathan Holmes

Drug is a substance that changes the bodily function upon entry. Psychoactive Drug specifically has a phycological effect; changes behavior. Psychopharmacology - study of psychoactive drugs and their action. Greek pharmakon - poison FDA - administration responsible for the regulation of pharmacological drugs Potency - is how effective a drug is, Affinity - Ability to bind to a receptor Selectivity - Ability to bind to specific receptor Efficacy - Ability of binding to influence behavior agonist – Increase effects of neurotransmitters antagonist – decrease effects of neurotransmitters Tolerance – Need more to get effect. Sensitivity – Need less to get effect Differential Tolerance – Tolerance to some effects but not all. Therapeutic Index - The distance between the lethal dose and effective dose Pharmacokinetics - What the body does to the drug. Pharmacodynamics - What the drug does to the Body neurotransmitter synthesis – chemicals combine to form neurotransmitters L-Dopa – makes dopamine – agonist Synaptic Vesicles – Carries neurotransmitters into synapse Monoamine Oxidase (MAO) – Breaks Down monoamines - Pacman – agonist. MAOI – shuts off the MAO the shutter offer, Pacman – agonist. Receptors – Intake Neurotransmitter Reuptake transporters Acetylcholinesterase - Second “Pac man” in synapse, eats access acetylcholine? Auto receptors - “thermostat”, regulates how much needs to be released? Anxiolytics - drugs used to reduce anxiety – Barbitur
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