[SOCI 102] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (26 pages long!)

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29 Nov 2016

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What is culture: material culture, nonmaterial culture. Two elements of nonmaterial culture: language, beliefs. Social norms and values are based on beliefs. Seven major cultures in the world: not based on religion, based on values, social norms, belief systems. Three types of beliefs: world views: have broadest impact on human action. Society consists of individuals and all men created free and equal: individual rights & freedom: principle beliefs: specify criteria for distinguishing right from wrong. They are justified in term of world views. Individual happiness, interests (marriage and divorce: casual beliefs: provide guides for individuals on how to achieve their objectives. Differences in beliefs between chinese and american culture: differences in world views between 2 cultures. Consists of individual and all men are created free and equal. Consists of 5 relationships and all men have their position in the relationship. Social obligation and expectation: husband/wife, parents/kids, siblings, boss/teacher, friends.