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Buffalo State College
CIS - Computer Information Systems
CIS 471

CCNA Cheat SheetOSI Model vs TCPIP ModelInternetworking EssentialsTCPIP Model Protocol SuiteOSI Reference ModelProcessApplication layerGeneral Troubleshooting ApplicationIdentifying and establishing the FTPTCP file transfer serviceport 2021availability of intended communication partner Cisco PingResponse CodesTelnetTerminal emulation programport Troubleshooting Stepsand whether there are sufficient resources23Router ping 1721591TFTPUDP file transferport 69 Success1 Ping 127001 SMTPSend email serviceport 25PresentationData translation encryption Timed out waiting for replyLoopbackDHCPAssigns IP addresses to hostscode formattingU Destination unreachable2 Ping default gatewayports 67 and 68 Ping process interrupted3 Ping remote deviceDNSResolves FQDNs to IP addresses Unknown packet typeSessionSetting up managing and tearing port 53 C Congestionexperienceddown sessions Keeps applications dataTime to live exceededseparateHosttoHost layerWindows DOS Cisco Trace CommandResponsesTCPConnectionoriented protocol provides TransportProvides endtoend nTroubleshooting ereliable connections acknowledgments flow transport servicesestablishes logical mRouter traceroute 1721591tCommandsgcontrol windowingeconnections between hosts ConnectionSUDPConnectionless protocol low Timed outoriented or connectionless data transfer ping 127001overhead but unreliable H Router received packet but did not forward its tracertUt N Network unreachableeD ipconfigallkNetworkManages logical addressingP Protocol unreachablePcaarp aand path determinationpsInternet layer U Port unreachabletinIPconnectionless protocol provides U Data LinkProvides physical network addressing and routingatIP Classeseatransmission of data handles error ARPfinds MAC addresses from known IPsmD alnotification flow control and network RARPfinds IPs from known MAC rfoClass RangesctopologySplit into two sub layers LLC addressesotand MACoICMPprovides diagnostics used by ping rClass A1126networknodenodenodePand tracerouteClass B128191networknetworknodenodePhysicalSpecifies electrical Class C192223networknetworknetworknodestmechanical procedural and functional ibrequirements for activating maintaining Network AccessPrivate Address Rangesand deactivating a physical linkClass A1000010255255255Class B172160017231255255Half Duplex Ethernet shares a collision Cisco 3Layer Hierarchical ModelClass C19216800192168255255domain resulting in lower throughput than Full Duplex Ethernet which CIDR Notation Classless InterDomain RoutingCoreBackbone common to all users needs to be as fast as possible requires a pointtopoint link between and fault tolerant avoid ACL VLAN trunking and packet filtering here two compatible nodes255000 82552552400 20DistributionRoutingprovides access control policies filtering WAN 2551280092552552480 21Causes of LAN congestionBroadcast access and VLAN trunking25519200102552552520 22storms too many hosts with a broadcast 25522400 11AccessSwitchingUser and workgroup access segmentation2552552540 23domain multicasting low bandwidth 25524000122552552550 24bottlenecks2552480013255255255128 2525525200 14Patch Cable Types255255255192 26Collision domainSwitchesbridges 25525400 15255255255224 27breakup collision domains hubs extend StraightthroughConnect PC to hub or switch router to switch or 25525500 16255255255240 28them2552551280 17hub255255255248 292552551920 18CrossoverConnect hub to hub switch to switchPC to PC255255255252 30Broadcast domainsRouters and 2552552240 19RolledConsole connection for PC to routerVLANs breakup broadcast domains Copyright 2010 Internetwork TrainingAlthough the authors of have made every effort to ensure the information in this document is correct the authors do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors omissions or misleading information
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