ENV 151 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Interaction, Thermosphere, Heat Capacity

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13 Dec 2018
Chapter 16
1. Write two brief statements about your current location: one that relates to weather and
one that relates to climate.
Answers will vary.
2. What is an element?
It is a quantity or property that is measured regularly.
3. List the basic elements of weather and climate.
Air temperature, humidity, type and amount of cloudiness, type and amount of Is air a
specific gas? Explain.
Air is not a specific gas because it contains a mixture of several different gases.
4. What are the two major components of clean, dry air? What proportion does each
78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen.
5. Why are water vapor and aerosols important constituents of Earth’s atmosphere?
Water vapor is an important greenhouse gas that makes the planet habitable. It also
contains huge amounts of latent heat that provide the power for weather systems
globally. Aerosols are small solid particles suspended in the air. They can serve as nuclei
on which water can condense and they can absorb, scatter, and reflect incoming solar
6. What is ozone? Why is ozone important to life on Earth? What are CFCs, and what is
their connection to the ozone problem?
Ozone is three oxygen molecules bonded together. It is important because it blocks much of
the harmful UV radiation from the Sun. CFCs are chlorofluorocarbons and chemically
interact with ozone molecules to break them apart; when this happens enough an ozone hole
may be generated.
7. Does air pressure increase or decrease with an increase in altitude? Is the rate of change
constant or variable?
Air pressure decreases with increased altitude. The rate of change is variable.
8. Is the outer edge of the atmosphere clearly defined? Explain.
It is not well defined. Only a tiny fraction of Earth’s gases exist at the top of the
thermosphere and it is difficult to determine where it ends.
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