HUM 223 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Maria Remarque, Gustave Courbet

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8 Jun 2018
HUM 223 Integrated Humanities II
Monday, April 30 (12:00-2:00)
Study Guide for Exam #3
Part 1: Multiple choice (40%) scantron required
The following terms will be the basis for the questions used in part 1 of the exam. Students should not only
study the terms themselves, but their context and significance. For example, to study an artist is to study the
person, their art, and the timeframe in which they lived and worked. Use both the textbook and lectures when
studying for this section of the exam.
Key Themes
Realism Modernism Impressionism Surrealism Expressionism
Key Terms
Railroads Great Exhibition George Haussman Charles Dickens Karl Marx
Fyodor Dostoevsky Gustave Courbet Jean-François Millet Eduard Manet Claude Monet
Pierre Renoir Edgar Degas Soren Kierkegaard Friedrich Nietzsche Sigmund Freud
Pablo Picasso T. S. Eliot Salvador Dali Franz Kafka Edvard Munch
Ernst Kirchner Marcel Duchamp Erich Remarque Max Ernst Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin Jean-Paul Sartre
Part 2: Essay Questions (60%) blue book required
Two of the following questions will appear on the exam. Students are required to answer one of them. A good
essay will give a clear answer to the question, be centered on a precise thesis, be coherently written, and be
legible. Make sure to include evidence from lectures and readings to defend your argument (including primary
sources). Read the questions carefully and include all parts of the question in your answer. Make sure that the
evidence you use adequately represents the overall argument you are making.
1. Evaluate the relationship between the literary, artistic and philosophical developments identified best with
the mid-late 19th century and the historical developments of the period. Is Realism a reaction to, or a
reflection of, the development of western culture in the 19th century?
2. Compare and contrast the viewpoints of Nietzsche and Freud and their resulting impact on artistic and
literary culture. Which has a greater influence on the development of modern culture, Nietzsche or Freud?
3. Compare and contrast Existentialism and Nihilism. Which had a greater influence on the development of
modern artistic expression?
find more resources at
find more resources at
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