PHY 113 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Adaptive Optics, Heliocentrism, Geocentric Model

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8 Jun 2018
Chapters 1-5, Study Guide
Chapter 1
• “What is science?
The scale of the universe (order)
Constellations (not really close together)
Day/Month/Year (e.g., sidereal vs. synodic mo.) What causes seasons (axis tiltàsun
Cycle of moon (~ 1 month)
Lunar eclipses (why not every month?)
Solar eclipses (total vs. annular)
Parallax and angular size (conceptual)
Chapter 2
Geocentric model -- Epicycles, perfect circles & spheres
Heliocentric model How did Galileo PROVE IT! (Jupiter’s moons, Venusphases,
Why the Galileo controversy? (from academics, from church, etc.)
Keplers LawsàEllipses, sweep out equal areas,
Newtons Laws, Gravity, and orbital speeds (conceptual / application / recognize
Chapter 3
Light = wave (diffraction patterns, bends around corners, bends through lenses)
Light = particle (Energy of a photon goes up with frequency; recognize Eq.)
Romeràmeasured c with Jupiters moons
Time dilation (concept), length contraction, etc. Whole EM spectrum (all just light)
Weins Law (hotteràbluer); recognize Eq.
Doppler Effect (l.o.s. velocityàcolor shift)
Chapter 4
Spectral lines (unique to each element)
Emission vs. absorption lines vs. continuum (what causes each)
Spectral analysis (how spectra tell us stuff)
Line of sight velocity (Doppler shift of spectral lines)
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