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AERO 310 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hot Air Balloon, Hybrid Airship, Ryan Aeronautical

Aerospace Engineering
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AERO 310
Bruce Ryan Wright
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AERO 310 Mid-Term Exam Study Guide
1. What were early (~200AD) Chinese unmanned hot air balloons called?
Airborne Lanterns
2. What was the Chinese hot air balloons originally made from?
Oiled rice paper, bamboo frame, small candles
3. What was the oldest successful human-carrying flight vehicle?
Hot air balloon
4. How does a hot air balloon stay in the air?
Flames heat air in envelope and cause balloon to rise
5. What is the difference between an airship and an aerostat?
Airship: lighter than aircraft, can be controlled/steered
Aerostat: derives its lift from buoyancy rather than wings or rotors; free flying
6. What are the evolving lifting gas technologies?
-hot air
-hot air and hydrogen
-helium and aerodynamic lift combo
7. Which gas, other than hot air, first filled a human-carrying air vehicle?
8. What are the three types of structural arrangements for airships?
9. The Hindenburg airship was manufactured in which country?
10. What lifting gas did the Hindenburg use?
11. Is helium as dangerous as hydrogen as a lifting gas?
No, hydrogen is more flamable
12. What is the airship envelope materials evolution?
-Wax coated paper
-Cloth bags lined with wax coated paper
-Rubber coated silk
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Copyright 2015 Bruce wright
-Cattle intestines
13. Was the invention of the airship of little importance in the early years?
14. The U.S. controls approximately what percentage of the world’s helium supply?
15. Has an airship been used as an aircraft carrier?
16. Why does the Goodyear airship have a kevlar tub around the cockpit?
It protects the pilots from ground fired bullets
17. Who was the only believer in airship’s future from 1880s through 1917?
Count Von Zeppelin
18. If an airship develops a helium leak, must it land immediately?
19. What four vehicles are seen in the origins of the hybrid airship?
-Hover craft
20. A hybrid airship derives its lift from what two sources?
Buoyancy and aerodynamics
21. What is the current landing system used for hybrid airships?
Air cushion landing system
22. The Wright Brothers figured out an equation was wrong that slowed the first controlled,
manned aircraft flight. What was the equation supposed to calculate?
23. Who was known as the glider king?
Otto Lilienthal
24. Who was the Wright Brothers’ closest competition for first flight?
Samuel Langley
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25. What two other types of vehicles did the Wright Brothers fly before attempting an
Biplane kite and Biplane hang glider
26. Why did the Wright Flyer have a forward horizontal tail?
Safety: incase of a nose dive to protect pilot
27. What was the date of the Wright Brothers’ powered sustained controlled flight?
December 17, 1903
28. What business was the Wright Brothers in before aircraft?
29. What method did the Wright Brothers develop for roll control?
Wing Warping
30. Why did the Wright Brothers succeed, when all others failed?
-Single focus
-Hands on doers
-Talked everything through
-Wind tunnel testing
-Modified wind pressure tables
-Light internal combustion engine
-Wing warping for roll controll
31. What three materials was the Wright Flyer I made of?
-Linen Fabric
-Piano wire
32. Was the Curtiss Jenny ever used in European combat during WWI?
No, training only
33. Who was the founder of the U.S. aircraft industry?
Glen Curtiss
34. Did the airplane prove very successful in determining the outcome of WWI?
35. What aircraft was used to train approximately 95% of America’s pilots in WWI?
JN4- Jenny Currtis
36. What percent additional lift is produced by a biplane versus a comparable sized
37. After WWI, there was a huge excess of Curtis JN-4 Jenny aircraft. What were they
used for?
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