ASCI 351 Midterm: ASCI Test 1 Notes

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Animal Science
ASCI 351
Dr.Fernando Campos- Chillon

Female External: vulva labia dorsal commissure ventral commissure clitoris clitoral fossa cutaneous bridge between vulva and anus Internal: urethra urethral tubercle in dogs. small sphincter at urethra opening in vagina vagina fornix where vagina + cervix meet functions: glands secrete lubrication birth canal glands secrete pheromones vulvavaginal sphincter allows urine to exit anterior vs posterior anterior columnar epithelium with cilia posterior (vestibular) stratified squamous epithelium cervix transports sperm, barrier to sperm (species dependent), reservoir for sperm, blocking bacterial invasion during pregnancy bladder uterine body caruncles where the fetus will attach to the uterus endometrial folds types: simplex single uterine body. no uterine horn. primates. duplex 2 cervices. maybe uterine horns. marsupials, rabbits. bicornuate moderately developed or highly developed uterine horns. bitch, queen, sow, mare, cow. uterine horn internal and external uterine bifurcation oviduct ciliated columnar. isthmus uterotubal junction where the isthmus connects to the uterus ampulla larger diameter than isthmus but thinner walls ampullaryisthmic junction infundibulum terminal end of oviduct. captures ovulated oocyte
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