ANT 202 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Homo Sapiens Idaltu, Homo Heidelbergensis, Shanidar Cave

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Sahelanthropus (7 - 6 mya: sahelanthropus tchadensis toumai , michel brunet. Orrorin (6 - 5. 5 mya: orrorin tugenensis, martin pickford/brigitte senut. Ardipithecus (4. 4 mya: ardipithecus ramidus ardi , tim white. Australopithecus: australopithecus afarensis lucy (3. 2 mya), donald johanson, australopithecus afarensis salam (3. 3 mya, australopithecus africanus taung baby (3 - 2. 5 mya), raymond dart. Paranthropus (3 - 1 mya: paranthropus, louis and mary leakey. Belief in afterlife: life after death emerged from homo erectus. Lifeways of neanderthals: lived in the cold, big brow ridges. Out of africa theory: proposes that homo sapiens evolved from homo rectus and spread from there. 1984: spread to asia and euro then began to evolve into homo erectus and interbred with neanderthals and is more convincing because there is dna evidence that erectus from africa mixed with neanderthals. Cro magnon lifeways and technological advances: advancement in tools, hunting weapons and blades and creation of art.