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SOC 110 Midterm: Comparative Society Midterm Study guide

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SOC 110
Seth Hannah

Comparative Society April 4 - Sociology • Definition: Study of human society • Explains behavior beyond individual motivation • Sociological imagination is the ability to connect: individual biography historical forces • Purpose:”make the familiar strange” 1. Make your individual experience more ordinary 2. Vice versa, make the familiar/ordinary—>strange /unique • A nuclear family • “Cult of Domesticity”: cult of true womanhood is a term used by some historians to describe what they consider to have been a prevailing value system among the upper and middle classes during the nineteenth century in the United States and Great Britain • Suburbia: the suburbs of cities and large towns considered as a whole • shopping: social activity • Mall: take shopping as a social experience and extend it. • the indoor and enclosure create an intense experience. West Edmonton mall: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Horton Plaza: San Diego Desert Passage: LV 1 The Promise — C . Wright Mill To be aware of the idea of social structure and to use it with sensibility is to be capable of tracing such linkages among a great variety of milieux. To be able to do that is to posses the sociological imagination." ---------------C . Wright Mill BornWaco,TXin1916,diedin1962atage45 WroteSociologicalImaginationin1959.Raiseawarenessofthesociety. WhiteCollar:TheAmericanMiddleClasss1951 ThePowerElite1956 “Personal troubles” & “Public issues” Troubles: Values cherished by individual are felt by themselves to be threatened (INDIVIDUAL) Issues: Some value cherished by publics is felt to be threatened. (INSTITUTION) Ex. unemployment; war; marriage; city; economy INSTITUTIONAL CONTRADICTION Sociology imagination: Gauge one’s own fate; self-consciousness; awakening; realize cultural meaning of the social sciences. Most fruitful distinction between “the personal troubles of milieu” and “the public issues of social structure” I. History—Facts that precede your existence II. Biography—The Shape of your own life (choices) III. Social Structure —facts that determines what you are able to achieve Teenage Wasteland: Suburbia's Dead End Kids —Donna Gaines Bergenfield, New Jersey 1987 Carbon monoxide poisoning —“quadruple(四倍的) suicide” When individual commits suicide, it’s a personal tragedy, but when groups teenagers form a suicide pact and successfully carry it out, suicide becomes a matter of public concern. Scholars spoke ominously(预兆地) of “the postmodern condition,” “societal upheaval(动乱),” “decay,” “anomie(社会失范).” Burnout Generation—frustration; distinct aura of not giving a shit. 2 April 6 Apathetical (冷漠的) in the welter of daily experience (个⼈人经历的起伏中) How to Apply your Sociological Imagination? - Individual biography (human behaviors and interaction) History (architectural transformation&Economics) What changes people’s shopping behavior? • Manufacturing • Service • Experience nonconsumptive entertainment experience +religious cultural social experience. Social Stratification- David & Moore —Response by Melvin Tumin Social stratification may be dysfunctional for society Consider society as something like an organism, the theory argued that this organism has needs that must be met if it is to remain healthy. Society’s reward: sustenance and comfort; humor and diversion; self respect and ego expansion; social character of self Induce people to seek positions and fulfill the essential duties. If rights and perquisites of different positions in a society must be unequal, then the society must be stratified —-Meaning of STRATIFICATION. two factors that determine the relative rank of different positions: a) greatest importance for the society b) require the greatest training or talent incumbent must, by virtue of his incumbency(任职), accomplish certain things. These scarce and desired goods consist of the rights and prerequisites attached to, or built into, the positions, and can be classified into those things that contribute to 3 (a) sustenance and comfort, (b) humor and diversion (c) self‑respect and ego expansion. Downside: Neglect of power and statue (d) Code of the Streets - Elijah Anderson It wreaks havoc daily with the lives of community residents. Burgalr; carjack; drug- related shooting; mugging. Culture adaption to a profound lack of faith in the police and the judical system Social jockeying Decent parents tend to be strict, accept mainstream value more fully and attempt to instill them in their children. Street parents, show a lack of consideration for others and have a rather superficial sense of family and community. Difficult to reconcile their needs. April 13th FUNCTIONALISM • Manifest Function=open, stated and conscious function of institution that involve the intended recognized consequences of an aspect of society • Latent Function=unconscious or unintended function that may reflect hidden purpose of an institution • Dysfunction People are socialized to perform societal functions predictable, reinforcing “don’t have revolutions all the time” EX. public punishments reinforce the social order —> reminds people morality and immorality 4 What are some manifest &latent function of inequality & crime/gangs in our society today? 显性功能&隐性功能 CONFLICT THEORY Major thinker: Marx, Mills, Bourdieu (⽪皮耶·布迪厄), DuBois World in continual struggle, with social change (not stable, consensus, endurance) See social behavior in terms of tension between groups over power or the allocation of resources Imbalance; dysfunction; symbolic cultural/political power, gender domination; Sees individuals&groups as driven by interests, not values • Inequality • Capitalism • Stratification People are shaped by power, coercion & authority Change takes place all the time & may have positive consequences EX. Laws reinforce the positions of those in power Symbolic Interactionism Major thinkers: Mead, Cooley, Blumer, Goffman, *Anderson Studies local, not large scal
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