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HIST 162 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: David Davis (Supreme Court Justice), Samuel J. Tilden, Benjamin Wade

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HIST 162
Thomas M.Slopnick
Study Guide

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Jefferson Davis
Leader/President of Confederate States during the Civil War
US Senator from Mississippi
Robert E. Lee
General of Confederate army of Northern Virginia
Surrendered in 1865
Andrew Johnson
“Tailor president”, born in humble beginnings, caused him to be bitter towards
wealthier men
Elected to Congress from Tennessee, refused to leave union because he did not
like rich plantation owners
Elected military governor, then VP
Honest but stubborn, “wrong man at the wrong time”
Alexander Stephens
VP of Confederate States during Civil War
Reelected to Congress in 1873
Cornerstone speech-said new government was founded on the idea blacks were
inferior to whites
Edwin M. Stanton
Secretary of War under the Lincoln administration during Civil War
Opposed to Johnson’s Reconstruction policies
Benjamin Wade
Speaker of the House
Set to become President if Johnson was impeached, picked out Cabinet
General O.O. Howard
Director of Freedmen’s Bureau
Civil war veteran
Ulysses S. Grant
○ Republican
prominent military war hero, led union army to victory
supported civil service reform
Born in Ohio
Horatio Seymour
appealed openly to racism
viewed Reconstruction as unconstitutional
Horace Greeley
0 electoral votes
nominated by liberal Republicans
Rutherford B. Hayes
Republican presidential candidate
Ended Reconstruction
Tried to please democrats by removing military from the south
Samuel Tilden
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