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HIST 162 Final: Chapters 20 & 21 Key Terms

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HIST 162
Thomas M.Slopnick
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Chapter 20 & 21
Prohibition 18th Amendment Ratified January 16, 1919
Repealed by 21st amendment
Election of 1924
Coolidge Republican 382
John W. Davis Democrat 136
Senator (“Fighting Bob”) LaFollette – 13 From his home state of Wisconsin
Dawes Plan of 1924
Attempt to solve reparations problem of WWI
Plan to lend Germany money to help them pay
Election of 1928
Alfred E. Smith Democrat 87
Herbert Hoover Republican - 444
Democrats who supported/voted for Hoover
Agricultural Marketing Act 1929
Designed to help farmers help themselves - Hoover
established the Federal Farm Board from the Federal Farm Loan Board
established by the Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916 with a revolving fund of half a
billion dollars
introduced several federal programs to provide financial guarantees to farmers
sought to help farmers in buying, selling, and storing agricultural surpluses,
(farmers cooperative)
Federal Farm Board
created several agricultural cooperatives to stabilize prices
Grain Stabilization Corporation and Cotton Stabilization Corporation 1930
Created by the Farm Board to bolster sagging prices by buying surpluses
Hawley-Smoot Tariff 1930
Farmers wanted a higher tariff to help them
Raised tariffs for many foreign products to 60%, but increased international
chaos, economic isolationism
“Black Tuesday” – October 29, 1929
share prices on the New York Stock Exchange completely collapsed, becoming a
pivotal factor in the emergence of the Great Depression
Partially triggered by British raising interest rates
The Great Depression
Huge economic downturn in the 1930s
“Hoover Blankets”
Newspapers used as blankets and tents
Areas of poor people living in tents
Hoover Dam
Control Colorado river and provide water and hydroelectric power to the
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