ASL 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Phimosis, Prostate Cancer, Foreskin

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6 Nov 2020

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Please answer each question below and click submit when you have completed the quiz. A 30-year-old male presents with penile tenderness and discharge. Physical examination reveals that his foreskin cannot be retracted back over the glans penis. A 40-year-old male is concerned about the possibility of developing prostate cancer. He reports that his father died of prostate cancer, and he wants to take all preventive measures. He is told to consume a diet low in: A 20-year-old female presents with pelvic and back pain severe enough to miss work. She reports that the pain occurs with the onset of menses. The most likely cause of her condition is: The following is a normal characteristic of aging and the male reproductive system: Refractory time after ejaculation is prolonged: question 7. During the years that a woman is more likely to be sexually active, the vagina mucosa is protected from infection by: A 35-year-old female presents with infertility and gradual blindness.