MET 260 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Dew Point, Dew Point Depression, Advection

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Part 2:chapter 5: be able to describe why atmospheric moisture is important. And is an important energy source for all types of atmospheric storms: be able to draw and label the phase change diagram. Refer to chapter five page 2 of in class notes or slide 5 on the powerpoint: be able to explain saturation in terms of saturation and condensation. The warmer the air the greater the humidity: be able to compute humidity given any methods from the notes. Absolute humidity= mass of water vapor in the air (g)/ Specific humidity= mass of water vapor in the air (g)/ total. Mixing ration= m ass of water vapor in the air (g)/ mass od. Dry air(kg: be able to describe how temperature effects relative humidity. As temperature decreases the rh will increase, as temperature increases the rh will decrease: be able to describe the diurnal cycle in rh.

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