DSCI 320 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Natural-Language Processing, Web 2.0, Business 2.0

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Chapter 3 quiz main points
- Priceline is an example of a company who uses a consumer to business
ebusiness model because consumers are able to set their own price for what
they are willing to pay for their tickets
- Ebusiness model details how a company creates, delivers, and generates
revenues on the internet
- Asynchronous is communication that does not occur at the same time;
synchronous communication occurs at the same time
- Click and mortar is a type of ebusiness model that best describes Apple
- Amazon uses a pure-play ebusiness model because they don’t have a
physical store
- Semantic web is the component of Web 3.0 that describes things in a way
that computers can understand
- Ecommerce is buying and selling of goods or services online; ebusiness
includes ecommerce and all activities related to internal and external
business operations
- 3 examples of disruptive technologies are, oracles database software, sonys
translator-based consumer electronics, intel’s low-end microprocessor
- Nike’s website allows people to create running shoes in the style and color
they choose, nike is using a personalization ebusiness strategy
- Web 3.0 is a user generated online business, its based on the intelligent
web where applications use natural language processing
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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