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MKTG 345 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Social Shopping, Social Media Marketing, Alternate Reality Game

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MKTG 345
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Exam 2 Social media marketing
Identity probability is a term used to describe a single profile providing access
across social networking sites with a single login ad shared information
-Directed communication is active whereas consumption communication is passive
If you hear the phrase  and now a word from our sponsors your about to hear
a commercial message only
Fillers are the type of content found at the bottom of the content value ladder,
Flagship content is found at the top, it is highly valuable. Following it is pillar
content, then Density building and then basic.
-Basic is still original content unlike filler content which is repurposed from other
When contributing to content for a chance to win a prize you are actually competing
in what is called organic content
From a branding perspective, even though lurkers and rubberneckers aren’t active
players they are still critical to the success of alternate reality games as much as
active players.
There are some important characteristics associated with core games
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-Extended lengths of time per gaming session
- advance play level
- high involvement
Whereas, Casual games ..
-short playing time
-don’t need to be exceptionally skilled
-easy to learn
o 67 percent of households play computer games
o 60 percent male overall
o 55 percent female for casual social games
Key terms to gaming.. hard to remember..
Platform: hardware system on which game is played
Mode: way the game world is experienced
Milieu: describes visual nature of game such as science fiction, fantasy or horror
Ratings are a heuristic. ; a mental shortcut consumers use to help them with
decision making
Digital shopping can facilitate to calculate ROI of social media
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1. It enables the marketer to monetize the social media investment by boosting
site and store traffic, converting browsers to buyers, and increasing average
order value.
2. It solves the dilemma of social media ROI.
3. Social commerce applications results in more data about customer behavior
as it relates to the brand.
4. Social shopping applications enhance the customer experience.
5. Social shopping makes sharing brand impressions easy.
6. Brands can keep up with the competition, and maybe differentiate
themselves from others in the e-commerce space.
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