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MKTG 345 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Playtime, Platform Game, Satisficing

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MKTG 345
Study Guide

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Review for Exam 2
Chapter 7: Social Entertainment
Social game
Gamer segments: Causal: small time commitment, easy to learn VS Core: lots
of time, high skill level, immersive
Game design is built upon several layers: platform/ mode/ milieu/ genre
In-game advertising: Display ads/ Static ads/ Dynamic ads
Product placemen: placement of branded item in an entertainment property
such as a tv program movie or game
o Screen placements
o Script placements
o Transactional advertising
Advergaming: form of branded entertainment, whole game is ad
-designed to reflect brands positioning statement
Why Do Games Work for Marketers?
-cost/ease of targeting
-gamers open to advertising
-players identify with their characters
Alternate Reality Games: Concept: cross- media genre of interactive fiction
using multiple delivery and communications media
ARG effectiveness measures
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