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MKTG 345 Study Guide - Final Guide: Media Monitoring, Categorical Variable, Sampling Error

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MKTG 345
Study Guide

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Study Guide for Social Media Final Exam chap 9
Qualitative Social media research
Tools = technorati, social mention, whostalking, google alerts, google trends
Secondary research: information already collected and available for us
Primary research: information collected solely for the research purpose at hand
Ethnographic research: occurs when marketing researchers conduct field research by
visiting people's homes and offices to observe them as they go about everyday tasks
Netnography: a rapidly growing research methodology that adapts ethnographic
research techniques to study the communities that emerge through computer mediated
How can we use netnography?
- Identify online venues that could prove info realted to the reserach Qs
- Select online communities that are focused on a particular topic or segment that
have high “traffic” of posting, have a relatively lg number of active poster, and
appear to ahve detailed posts
- Learn about the groups cultrue including it’s characteristics, behaviors and
- Select materials for analysis and classify material as social or informational and
off topic or on topic
- Categorize the types of participants involved in the discussions to be analyzed
- Utilize member checks, following content analysis of the discourse to ensure
members feel their attitudes and behaviors have been accurately interpreted
Qualitative key performance indicators or (KPIs)
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