NEHC 20012 Study Guide - Final Guide: The Jewish Bride, Messiah In Judaism, Arabian Peninsula

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Non-muslims under the ottoman rule [lewis and braude reading; eremya chelebi k m rjian"s. Cizye in relations to non-muslims: non-muslims regulated by millet system, had own courts, but could go to sharia courts, could not ride horses, lower on hierarchy, attire/attitude should never be superior to muslims; should distinguish selves as. Lower : after tanzimat, non-muslims could be drafted into army. Different types of medical knowledge in ottoman medical theory & practice [shefer- Galenic, prophetic, folkloric: four humors, legitimacy from muhammed and written tradition. Popular medicine: written v oral, addressing health before/after sickness, example of surgical operation and dieting (ophthalmology, class determining access to medicine. Public space, its expansion, its new forms [hattox and quataert readings, but mostly your notes from the lecture] Public baths: ibrahim mateferika brought printing press. Discussion whether it was sincere conversion or conversion to gain career and religious advantages. Mistakes in copies, not copying original message. Lots of scribes earning living through writing/copying.

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