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Falls in two geographical spheres: africa and middle east. Fertile area restricted to nile valley: 80% is (hyper/o ?) arid desert, western desert, eastern desert, triangular shape delta at north end of egypt, flows south to north, into mediterranean. Isolated from neighbors due to vast desert land: travel through desert, travel by sea. Libya lies to the west; also protected by desert climate: a lot of libyans move toward egypt when experiencing drier conditions. Sudan lies to south (was called nubia during ancient egypt: southern kingdom, had gold, interactive with egypt, controlled egypt for a time. Fertile regions: nile delta, nile valley, fayum, oasis. The red sea: salt water; not drinkable, cities did not permanently exist near red sea. Lack of water, mountainous: pretty isolated, not much conflict, famous tourist destination: diving, beaches, seafront. Cave of divers: tourist destination: camping, etc, not open because of terrorism.

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