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GEOG 304 Midterm: GEOG 304 Exam 1 notes

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Chico State University
GEOG 304
Paul Z Melcon

GEOG 304 2/1/17 Sanitation: Dengue Fever Bilharzia Diarrhea- #2 killer of child Cholera Guinea Worm Disease Intestinal Worms Malania Schistosomiasis Trachoma Typhoid Darwin: Survival of the “fittest”- Reproductive Success ⁃ natural selection - environmental “Choose” ⁃ Random mutation- selection of the traits that foster successful reproduction ⁃ no Master Plan- guiding Design Species: Genetic Diversity- inside species Species diversity: in an area Ecologic Diversity: high diversity CHAPTER 1****************************************** Key Terms: environmental science: an interdisciplinary study of how humans interact with the living and nonliving parts of their environment. ecology: the biological science the studies how organisms interact wth one another and with their environment. environmentalism: a social movement dedicated to protecting the earth’s life-support systems for all forms of life. 3 scientific principles of sustainability: 0. Reliance on solar energy- the sun warms the planet and provides energy that plants use to produce nutrients. The sun also power indirect forms of solar energy such as wind, flowing water, which could not exist without solar energy. 0. Biodiversity: the variety of genes, organisms, species, and ecosystems in which organisms exist and interact. the interactions between species, especially the feeding relationships, provide vital natural services, including natural limits that keep any population from growing too large. 3 goals of environmental science: 0. to learn how life on the earth has survived and thrived 0. to understand how we interact with the environment 0. to find ways to deal with environmental problems and live more sustainably Natural Capital = natural resources + ecosystem services 3 Social Science principles of sustainability: Economics- ful
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