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PSYC 324 Study Guide - Final Guide: Nucleus Accumbens, Autonomic Nervous System, Tegmentum

Course Code
PSYC 324
Michael P Ennis
Study Guide

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Biopsych final
Clicker Questions
Which of the following is part of the autonomic nervous system?
Parasympathetic and sympathetic
The James-Lange theory proposes we experience an emotion, which
then produces bodily changes.
False (bodily changes produce emotions)
Schachter and Singer’s famous experiment, they injected participants
with dopamine.
False (epinephrine)
Epinephrine is released by the pituitary
False (by the adrenal gland)
The ventral tegmental area projects dopamine to the:
Nucleus accumbens
Kluver-Bucy syndrome results from bilateral damage to the:
S.M. has a normal sympathetic response to fearful stimuli
False (has a calcified bilateral amygdala)
The mesolimbocortical pathway is critical for:
In LeDoux’s model, what pathway is fastest in responding to fearful
The low road
the Locus Coeruleus releases:
Serotonin tends to inhibit aggression
The adrenal glands release:
Cortisol and epinephrine
Sleep walking is most likely to occur during:
Stage 3
Damage to the _____ produces REM behavior disorder.
Endogenous (free-running) circadium rhythm is slightly less than 24
False (actually slightly over 24 hours)
The pineal gland is found in the:
III ventricle
When is sleep walking most likely to occur?
Stages 3 and 4
Delta waves are common during REM
Where are serotonin transporters found?
The axon terminal
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