PSYC 324 Final: Biopsych final

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Chico State University
PSYC 324
Michael P Ennis

Biopsych final Clicker Questions • Which of the following is part of the autonomic nervous system? • Parasympathetic and sympathetic • The James-Lange theory proposes we experience an emotion, which then produces bodily changes. • False (bodily changes produce emotions) • Schachter and Singer’s famous experiment, they injected participants with dopamine. • False (epinephrine) • Epinephrine is released by the pituitary • False (by the adrenal gland) • The ventral tegmental area projects dopamine to the: • Nucleus accumbens • Kluver-Bucy syndrome results from bilateral damage to the: • Amygdala • S.M. has a normal sympathetic response to fearful stimuli • False (has a calcified bilateral amygdala) • The mesolimbocortical pathway is critical for: • Wanting • In LeDoux’s model, what pathway is fastest in responding to fearful stimuli? • The ‘low road’ • the Locus Coeruleus releases: • Norepinephrine • Serotonin tends to inhibit aggression • True • The adrenal glands release: • Cortisol and epinephrine • Sleep walking is most likely to occur during: • Stage 3 • Damage to the _____ produces REM behavior disorder. • Pons • Endoge
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