REL-1020 Study Guide - Final Guide: Christian Right, Christian Mortalism, Great Disappointment

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8 Dec 2016
World Religions in America The Latter-day Saint Religion in America and the World Danny Jorgensen
A New American Religion
o Organized in April of 1830 in New York by Joseph Smith
o Redefined Christianity in distinctively American ways
o United States is the location for the second coming of Jesus Christ
o Re-created American social institutions in their own characteristic ways
o Largest, most successful new faith to emerge entirely from the culture and society fashioned by
European immigrants in North America
The American Saints of Today
o Significant religious minority
o Hold many public offices
o Historic sites and temples are found all across America
Marriage and Family Life
o Daily life and religion are intertwined
o Tremendous religious commitment
o Adherence to gender roles
o Centered around family
The Latter-Day Saints’ Religion
o More religious
o Joseph Smith and successors are considered modern-day prophets
o Scripture
King James Version
Pearl of Great Price
Book of Mormon Joseph Smith’s prophetic translation of the ancient record of the
Doctrine and Covenants prophecies of Joseph Smith and successors
o Beliefs about God
Biblical God is believed to be a material being
Jesus Christ is a corporeal person of flesh and bones
Holy spirit is a personage of spirit
Eternal Father God organizes the cosmos
Based on spiritual progress, humans can achieve different levels
o LDS temples
Place of special rituals
Not used for ordinary worship
o Priesthood and Administration
Hierarchical priesthood
Responsible for building God’s kingdom on earth
A World Religion
o Prophetic mission to take the gospel to every nation
o Missionaries spread the word
o Immense size of the missionary force is responsible for the rapid growth of the LDS worldwide
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World Religions in America Apocalyptic Communities Dell deChant
Seventh-day Adventist
William Miller
o Apocalyptic prophecies
o Serious student of the Bible lacked formal seminary education
o Predicted the return of Jesus Christ (in 1844)
o Gained many followers
Great Disappointment
o Predicted event never came to fruition
o Some abandoned the belief, but the followers who remained became 7th-day Adventists
Ellen G. White
o Visions in which Adventists ascended into heaven
o The prophetic event schedule for 1844 was when Jesus returned to the inner sanctuary to cleanse
the earth for his earthly tasks the exact earthly date is unknown
o Saturday is the Sabbath day
Adventist Teachings
o Protestants evangelical conservatives
o Believe in the Trinity
o Accept Jesus Christ as their savior
o Reject the authority of the Pope
o Death is soul sleep and when Jesus comes back the dead will awake and be judged
o Committed to religious freedom and the separation of church and state
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society
o Trace roots to apocalyptic prophecies of William Miller
o Struggle, criminal and civil trials, public vilification, and condemnation by other religions
o Claiming six dates when the end of the world would occur
Charles Taze Russell
o Attracted to Adventist leader Jonas Wendall
o Developed unique doctrines that would characterize Jehovah’s Witnesses
o Accepted an explanation that Jesus had returned, just in an invisible form
o Zion’s Watchtower and Herald of Christ’s Presence
Periodical including Russell’s teachings and prophecies
J.F. Rutherford
o Declared Jehovah’s Witnesses
o Elected judge of the witnesses
o Charged with sedition and imprisoned
Urged young men to avoid going off to war
o Began resistance to government laws and regulations
No political activity
Refusal to salute the flag
Opposed to government action that compromises their faith
Jehovah’s Witnesses Teachings
o Don’t consider themselves Protestants – more critical of Protestants than Catholics
o Mission is to warn the world of an impending apocalypse
o Accept the Bible as the Word of God
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