HIST 120 Quiz: QUIZ 4

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HIST 120
Eli Alberts

Quiz 4 41017 What is the controversy surrounding Tang Emperor Taizongs (Li Shimin) rise to power? It is known as the Xuanwu Gate Incident. Taizong assassinated his 2 brothers; crown prince Li Jiancheng (older brother) and Li Yuanji (younger brother). The Xuanwu Gate Incident was a palace coup dtat for the Tang throne. They were the sons of Emperor Gaozu. What was special about Emperor Wu of the Tang? How did this person become emperor? Emperor Wu was a woman. She was the only empress regnant of China for more than 400 years. She was originally the highest ranking concubine to Taizong but married his successor, Gaozong after he died. She was responsible for the major expansion of the Chinese empire. What was the relationship between Emperor Xuanzong, Precious Consort Yang, and An Lushan? What politicalmilitary intrigue occurred in relation to these three figures? Emperor Xuanzong fell in love with Consort Yang who was first married to one of his sons. She left the son and joined Xuanzongs household. Consort Yang grew fond of General An Lushan and adopted him as her son in 747. An Lushan worked his way up in the Tang army, was very involved in court and was named chief minister by Emperor Xuanzong. Became the head of 3 of the 10 Tang military divisions. An Lushan rebelled against Xuanzong. Xuanzong was forced to kill Consort yang because his advisors blamed her for the rebellion. What was the legacy of An Lushan? The Tang lost power due to his rebellion and the Tang was permanently weakened. Became wellknown for his high status in court and control over majority of the Tang military.
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