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Human Development and Family Studies
HDFS 101
Jennifer Aberle

Keaira MorganHDFS 101 Sec 001February 20 2014Development is a transition that affects everyones life In this paper I will discuss my cognitive physical and social development as well as my aspirations in life what I have gone through to get them as well I will talk about my journey through Human Development and Family Studies HDFS so far as well as why i chose this course I will talk about my experiences up to this date that have made me who I am socially physically and cognitivelySelf DescriptionAccording to developmental studies being a 19 year old female adult I have almost reached full maturation physically This meaning I am finished growing height wise but not finished gaining or losing weight this being an ongoing process Cognitively I am not fully developed yet but I can see changes as I get older Seeing changes of of how empathetic I am for someone and how responsible I am now compared to how responsible I was really opens my eyes to see how one grows Not just myself but others as well Being a young female of African American Caucasian and Spanish descent I see what doors can open up for me being a mixture of ethnicities but I also can see how this can hold me back in different aspects Being 19 years of age I still find myself trying to find out who I am and where I want to go Being a relatively shy person it is hard for me to make friends but having been in sports my entire life makes it a little easier to talk to someone and find friends Coming to college was a struggle for me but with the support of my family and friends I came and was able to overcome what had held me back before Coming from a large family I found it difficult to move to a new town to start college and not be able to see my family everyday as I had in the past Not seeing them everyday was
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