Recessive alleles, dominantly inherited disorders, fetal testing, Mendelian inheritance, Morgan's fruit fly experiments, sex-linked genes, X inactivation, linked genes

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Life Science
LIFE 102
Louis Bjostad

1 AprilThe Behavior of Recessive AllelesRecessively inherited disorders show up only in individuals homozygous for the alleleCarriers are heterozygous individuals who carry the recessive allele but are phenotypically normal ie pigmentedAlbinism is a recessive condition characterized by a lack of pigmentation in skin and hairDominantly Inherited DisordersSome human disorders are caused by dominant allelesDominant alleles that cause a lethal disease are rare and arise by mutationAchondroplasia is a form of dwarfism caused by a rare dominant alleleFetal TestingIn amniocentesis the liquid that bathes the fetus is removed and testedIn chrionic villus sampling CVS a sample of the placenta is removed and testedOther techniques such as ultrasound and fetoscopy allow fetal health to be assessed visually in uteroConcept 151 Mendelian inheritance has its physical basis in the behavior of chromosomesMitosis and meiosis were first described in the late 1800sThe chromosome theory of inheritance statesMendelian genes have specific loci positions on chromosomesChromosomes undergo segregation and independent assortmentThe behavior of chromosomes during meiosis was said to account for Mendels laws of segregation and independent assortmentMorgans Experimental Evidence Scientific InquiryThe first solid evidence associating a specific gene with a specific chromosome came from Thomas Hunt Morgan an embryologist
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