Mendel, law of segregation, Mendel's model, testcross

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Life Science
LIFE 102
Louis Bjostad

28 MarchConcept 141 Mendel used the scientific approach to identify two laws of inheritanceMendel discovered the basic principles of heredity by breeding garden peas in carefully planned experimentsMendels Experimental Quantitative ApproachAdvantages of pea plants for genetic studyThere are many varieties with distinct heritable features or characters such as flower color character variants such as purple or white flowers are called traitsMating of plants can be controlledEach pea plant has spermproducing organs stamens and eggproducing organs carpelsCrosspollination fertilization between different plants can be achieved by dusting one plant with pollen from anotherMendel chose to track only those characters that varied in an eitheror mannerHe also used varieties that were tru
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