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[POLS 131] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (46 pages long)

Political Science
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POLS 131
Pamela Duncan
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POLS 131
8/22/16 Lecture Week 1
Film: Guns, Germs, and Steel
When and where did “civilization” first develop?
New Guinea had been inhabited for over 40,000 years
Civilization first developed near the dead sea
Why there?
“Geographical luck”
Invented ways to preserve grain (granary) in order to continue to feed
community members
Learned how to grow their own food (wheat and barley) instead of relying
on the land
Obstacles to “advancement” elsewhere
Poor source of food
Reasons for global inequality
Type of farming and farming in general led to a difference in global
Middle east had wheat which was nutritious, productive, and easy
to store making them flourish
New Guinea had taro which had no protein and was very hard to
store because it would go old very quickly so they failed to flourish
The “race” issue
When arriving to New Guinea, people of European descent believed that
they deserved more “cargo” or believe they to be better than others
Post 1945 Trends
End of colonialism and the breakup of empires until the 1970’s (Europe gave up
Very optimistic in 1950’s but did not work out very well (unfounded)
Cold war between USA and Soviet Union (no shots fired)
Democracy vs. communism (ideological struggle)
Competition over new countries coming out from colonialism
“Proxy wars”/small pockets of violence in effect of the cold war (vietnam,
afghanistan, korean)
Arms buildup: arming countries we wanted as allies instead of the soviet’s
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