BIOG 1440 Midterm: Prelim 2 Study Guide

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Biology: General Courses
BIOG 1440
Buchon, N

Circulation Generic Information 1. For smaller animals, _________________ works well enough to transport materials. In larger animals, isnt effective enough to transport materials throughout the entire body. Large animals therefore make use of __________ ___________ through a closed system of tubes for long distance transport of molecules. 2. Diffusion rate is inversely proportional to ____________. 3. Diffusion is most effective over _____________ distances. Diffusion is made possible by ____________________ _____________________. 4. Bulk flows big advantage is ____________ ____________________ transport. Bulk flow requires two things a _____________________ ____________ and a source of ______________. Plant Vasculature 1. ______________ and ______________ compose plants vasculature. 2. Innermost layer of the bark is called the _____________ . ______________ is transported from ____________ to ______________ unidirectionally. 3. Transport of materials through the _______________ is bidirectional from source to sink. 4. Xylem is composed of two cell types __________________ and _____________ _______________. 5. _______________ ______________ have perforation plates linking cells in a common tubular structure. 6. Tracheids have a _________________ and _________________ wall. A nonuniform secondary wall has ____________. 7. Tracheids have a high ________________ to _______________ ratio and can hold water against gravity by __________________ when transpiration is not occurring.
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