EAS 1540 Final: Final Exam Review

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Rst 50 questions covering the latest material (el nino through sustainability)! second 50 questions are cumulative! 2/3 taken verbatim from prelims 1 & 2! 1/3 more new questions from rocky intertidal through sustainability ! the southern oscillation: the periodic reversal of the walker circulation cell! under normal conditions, it goes along with the trade winds, with el. Warm water gets piled up and propagates across eastern side! La nina: amped up normal condition! trade winds in right direction, but very fast and produce a very small pool! climatic conditions opposite of el nino! Climate change is a multi decadal trend with natural decadal oscillations superimposed on that trend! You can"t take a day, a year, a week! El nino"s direct impact! droughts in australia/indonesia! possible question: if there"s a drought going on in. Ooding in eastern tropical paci c! productivity drops o of peru! El nino moves the position of the jet streams.

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