PSYCH 2800 Study Guide - Final Guide: Confirmation Bias, Clustering Illusion, Psych

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Choking under pressure: people performed more poorly on a difficult task when in front of a supportive audience, family and friends hurt for difficult tasks. People are capable of believing in strange things the world seems to teach us to believe in strange things. An experiment needs to be done correctly. The results you draw are based upon the nature of the studies. You cannot depend on the amount of experiments for the truth to come out. There"s no point to add more and more bad experiments. When you do the real statistical analysis, hot hand is disproved. There is a descriptive hot hand but not a factual or statistical one. Clustering illusion our intuition of randomness does not to correlate to actual randomness. We see streaks and clusters from random distribution. We see more order in random; we try to find pattern in the world. Black mask music the complex stimuli of sounds will resemble familiar words.

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