PSYCH 2800 Study Guide - Final Guide: Stepfamily, Child Abuse, Parental Investment

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Survival of the fittest : herbert spencer, not darwin. Evolution: is not progress, does not care whether things are getting better, it is more like branching tree that creates organisms better fitted to the environment. No suggestion of conscious awareness of fitness concerns: eg: evolution produced desire for sex, not necessarily for children. Attractiveness is a product of facial symmetry. Does nothing to preclude social, situational, or cultural. The naturalistic fallacy: just because something is natural, it tells nothing about whether we should do it or not, should not be used as a justification for laissez-faire capitalism and genocide. Explanatory promiscuity: not everything exists for a purpose. Fear: things that have been traditionally dangerous: snack vs cars. Food: prefer things that have been traditionally beneficial: cravings vs healthy food. Social structural theory : society gives men economic advantage than women, causing them to be less choosy.

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