PSYCH 2800 Study Guide - Final Guide: Evolutionary Psychology, Genetic Disorder, Confidence Interval

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Librarian or waitress participants recalled memories consistent with stereotypes. Remember the waitress drinking beer and librarian listening to classical music. People selected east and west germany because: they were familiar with the countries looked for evidence to support the question. Most participants asked for information that: confirms the relationship of winning and working out. Interview about sociability and introversion participants chose questions that: corresponded with testing for introversion. Capital punishment both sides embraced studies that supported their propositions. People from the east were more confident than people from the west. Planning fallacy overly optimistic about how fast they can finish a project. Why so much overconfidence: hindsight bias, confirmation bias (look for a & 3) Pre-mortem imagine a failure before it happens. Hedgehogs (with one ideology) are worse calibrated than foxes (more than one perspective) Range of confidence a majority missed 4-7 items when they are to create 90% confidence interval.

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