PSYCH 2800 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lie Detection, Psych

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What is it based on: view of what people are like, view of abandonment of conventional morality, view of whether the ends justify the means. How do hi machs do not differ from lo machs: not better at lie detection, not better at remembering information about people, not better at the prisoner dilemma game. What appears to be important is : face-to-face contact, latitude for improvisation, leeway for irrelevant affect. Machs three people given ten dollars to split among 2 people. Hi machs always earned more (. 50) vs lo machs (. 00). We respond to our construal of things, no the things themselves. Construal is not simply how we interpret reality. It includes how we think about the world and construct it. Understanding others and predicting their behaviors false consensus effect. Determinants of construal: recency - what you recently experienced, frequency/familiarity things we think about a lot, context, motivation above average effect, rate their own standing as above average.

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