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PLS 481 Study Guide - Final Guide: Jesse M. Unruh, Outsourcing, CrowdsourcingExam

Political Science
Course Code
PLS 481
Study Guide

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1. The term third house refers to which of the following entities?
a. Judicial branch
b. Executive branch
c. Interest groups
d. Media
2. Over the past 2 decades, interest-group expenditures in CA have
a. Declined
b. Increased
c. Remained relatively the same
d. Fluctuated from year to year
3. An individual who offers their lobbying services to multiple clients at the same time is called
a. Contract lobbyist
b. “hired gun”
c. Citizen lobbyist
d. In-house lobbyist
4. The principal function of an interest group is to
a. Provide its members with educational and social opportunities
b. Contribute money to candidates for public office who favor its programs
c. Attain favorable decisions from government on issues that it supports
d. Seek to inform the public on the role of interest in the economy
5. Political action committees (PACs)
a. Have declined in popularity in recent years
b. Must disclose campaign contributions and expenditures in connection with state and
local elections
c. May make unlimited contributions to political candidates
d. Provide candidates with public funding for their campaign
6. According to the text, all of the following factors are involved in the media’s decision not to
cover more political and governmental news except:
a. Californians are not that interested in political and governmental news
b. The ratings for political and governmental news are lower than other kinds of news, such
as the weather, consumer news, and sports coverage
c. So many news programs cover CA political and governmental news that there is little for
each station to report
d. Political and governmental news, except during election campaigns, does not lend itself
to sensational coverage
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