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PLS 481 Study Guide - Final Guide: Northern Securities Company, Southern Pacific Transportation Company, Standard OilExam

Political Science
Course Code
PLS 481
Study Guide

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1. The popular direct-democracy process by which citizens can place a constitutional
amendment or statute on the ballot is called a(n)
a. Referendum
b. Initiative
c. Recall
d. Nonpartisan election
2. The individual who served as governor during much of the progressive period was
a. Chester Rowell
b. Edward Dickson
c. Hiram Johnson
d. Samuel P. Huntington
3. The process by which a petition signed by a specific % of those who cast votes in the last
gubernatorial election enables voter to approve or reject a law enacted by the legislature is
a. Popular referendum
b. Initiative
c. Recall
d. Nonpartisan election
4. The process by which an elected official is removed from office before their term expires is
called a(n)
a. Referendum
b. Initiative
c. Recall
5. Progressive reformers pointed to this company whenever they spoke about machine politics
and corporate privilege in Sacramento
a. Standard Oil Company
b. Bank of America
c. Southern Pacific Railroad
d. Northern Securities Company
6. The only sitting CA governor to be recalled from office was
a. Ronald Reagan
b. Jerry Brown
c. Gray Davis
d. Pete Wilson
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